Cabinet Door Install JIG


 ​​ Started My Refacing Company (ReNu Kitchen) back in 2006 and have done over thousands of kitchens. I notice that my teams are struggling to install cabinet doors to line up with the bottom of the cabinets. Sometimes they will need a second person (third hand) and sometimes use a piece of wood with a clamp to hold the doors etc……which takes up a lot of time and inconsistency. I decided to design a JIG “cabinet door install JIG” and have been revising it for the past few years and been testing it out on the field. To make this jig for DIY & Professional and affordable so that anyone can use this JIG! 



Experience like you've never had before

Instruction how to use the cabinet door install JIG

Frame cabinet...older version JIG

Second version older JIG.

Andy Jun

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Benefits of refacing, doors out perform PAINT or STAIN and solid wood doors for durability, water resistance, chemical resistance, easy colour matching............

3D printed kitchen allows your customer to make design changes on their kitchen on the FLY !​ 

Cabinet Door Install JIG

A device that aids in the proper placement of the door so that it can be consistently aligned with the bottom of the cabinet.
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